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Great article. Thank you

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Information related to third party exchange services was provided for reference purposes only. No actual transactions took place on the Advcash platform. The third party exchange section has been entirely removed and no such information is shown at the moment.

Cash exchange services are not shown or offered to Russian users at the moment.

All Russian credit cards have not been accepted for direct e-wallet deposits on the platform for over a year now.

SEPA bank transfer feature or any of the Advcash-branded prepaid cards are also not available to Russian users.

Advcash meticulously monitors and follows all applicable legislation including sanctions, and has strict KYC, AML, user screening, fraud prevention and similar procedures in place to make sure no illegal activity takes place on the platform.

We take these things very seriously, so if anyone has any questions or concerns, please reach out to andrew at advcash dot com, and we will do our best to respond and assist.

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