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Was it Munger who called cryptocurrency ‘rat poison squared’?

Useful stuff, rat poison. You can get rid of rats with it.

Cryptocurrency is nuclear waste, flavor-enhanced rat poison covered in anthrax and meth dressed up as the future of finance.

It’s just fraud for millennials.

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How is what Binance did any different than what the mega banks have done when they broke KYC/AML rules and paid $100M fines, fines that were much smaller than their extra profits? This Twitter thread explains what happened and calls it a 'nothingburger': https://twitter.com/RocketTrades9/status/1640373105779417090?s=20

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SMH. Whataboutism. And you literally use the word ‘what’.

Your reasoning: The way to solve crime is to allow more crime!!

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KYC/AML regulations are designed to create criminals where their aren't any. A thief or fraudster who launders his money was a criminal before KYC/AML laws. You and I, on the other hand, are not thieves or fraudsters but the regulations assume we are and treat us the same.

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Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 29, 2023

Laws define criminality, they don’t make criminals.

Laws exist because we want a system that deals with criminals for the overall betterment of our society, because folks don’t generally like being robbed, raped, murdered or assaulted.

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As soon as CZ and his little goblins started stealing money, helping drug dealers and child porn weirdos - the primary use cases of cryptocurrency - they became criminals.

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They’re pretty damning allegations and I assume the CFTC has very concrete evidence. I’d expect a settlement in the likes of the BitMEX CFTC settlement but we’ll see. I’ve already read the overreactions from people excited that the complaint refers to a few coins as commodities. What they miss is this in no way takes them

Out of scope for the SEC as a complaint is just a list of allegations and not court tested precedent. If they settle then anything noted about coins being commodities is moot

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